Curing boredom with one GIF

Summer is almost here. Which means it’s the season of “MOM, I’m SOOOO BORED!”
When I was a kid my Mom made a “Bored Jar”. It was just a mason jar with slips of paper. On each one was a suggestion for something to do. If we whined that we were bored, Mom would take the jar down and we would have to pick something. The catch was we HAD to do it, and not all of them were fun. There were even some that made more work for my mom – like Bake Cookies. So it was a lottery for all of us.
While the old jar on the counter would work, my kids are a bit more technically savvy. (And to be honest they would likely roll their eyes at me taking out the jar.)
So I created a GIF version. All they need to do is take a screenshot. These suggestions are perfect for my girls (age 8-9) and likely fine for several years yet. Younger children will probably need help with some of them.

This one has suggestions like Go for a bike ride, do a word search, and clean your room. I will expand it to include more in the future as well.

Let me know what activities you would like to see included!

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