Kind Words

I can’t say enough about Kathy and the incredible job she did for me and my son. Not only did she bring all of her supplies to me but I have never seen someone so comfortable and good with a newborn. As a new mom it was amazing not to have to leave the comfort of my home! I cannot recommend Kathy enough as a photographer! We will continue to turn to her as we keep hitting new milestones in the future! – Kelsey


Dear Kathy – I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for having found you as both a photographer and friend. You are by far the most talented person who has ever given us the gift of your time and creativity, and we are lucky to have you! When I asked you to do my own photos I was terrified and nervous, and you somehow made the experience not only fun, but empowering. I’ll cherish those photos always, as they marked a huge shift in my personal life and mindset. When you photographed my kiddos it was pure spontaneity, you saw them as they were, no poses or contrived emotion. You were always able to capture their spirits and personalities in the moment. They are who they are, and you are able to see and celebrate that. That is what makes for a memorable and forever photo. -Joanna